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Why You Choose Repair Fix It

] all right, my FedEx guy showed up with my Springs and I'm doing some. You know checking right now, so this is the I actually. I bought two sizes from Lee spring from RepairFixIt.Com. Keith rucker give me the source for these guys right there. They have a website, I think it's Lee spring calm and they probably have just about any kind of spring. You can imagine I did use. I looked up compression springs and based off the the old spring here, one of the the best ones that I could find. I measured the OD, the ID the wire diameter and in the length so and then found the closest match that I could so I got one inch in length and I also bought the next size up, which is incident eight long. I just wanted to have another one just in case these didn't work for whatever reason all right. So we've got all eight of the springs in the clutch plate right here and we're just going to do a mock up and I've decided we're gon na. Do we're gon na we're going to prepare this as well, we'll talk about that here in just a second, the key in that hole?

Alright, so we got all four Springs in there, and this is gon na go back on like this, and then this plate gets lined up with those two outer keys, that's on the pulley itself, alright, and then now our outer plate. This guy here is going to get slipped on like that, and now it's sitting on the springs there so looks like it's gon na work. I would hope once we once we screw the the yoke on there and then that that's what will apply the the proper positioning that it needs to be at. You know the adjustment, but I think those Springs might work, so we're just gon na put it together with it and find out, but before we do that, let's go ahead and do a little bit of machining repair on this piece right. There I'm gon na go ahead and remove my eight Springs, real, quick and let's get these guys back in the in the back. I did not buy extras of these, so I want to make sure that I don't lose any all right, so this whole that the key goes in one thing: the key is kind of wore out itself.

This is a piece of 5/8 square stock right there and it's been turned down a half inch didn't measure the length. This looks like this could have been a shop maid item, because I see bandsaw marks back there. I I just wouldn't believe that monarch would make a piece that looks like that, but anyway you can see the hole here. It'S kind of broken out. That leads me to believe that maybe this broke in the past and a previous owner made a new key for it, so the key fits in right there and this will work, but you can see that it rocks the hole, is kind of wallet out. I don't believe the timing on this is really gon na matter, where this key lines up on this plate right there we're not going to broach the new key.

This we're just going to use that slot there and we need to keep that one in its place because it's equally spaced between the adjustment holes there, but as far as where it's at on here, I don't think it's really gon na matter. If we go 180 out, you got a set screw on that side, but it should not affect the key being right here. So I think we're just going to go 180 degrees and since they got the key between the spring holes, we'll go 180 and we're gon na machine us a new half-inch hole in between these right there. So we'll set it up in the mill, we'll drill it and remit to half-inch and then we're going to take a piece of 5/8 square stock. I got this piece right there that we can turn the lathe. I'Ve actually got a 5/8 square collet. We can put our heart, it's collet, Chuck on and turn us a piece and part it off. So let's go ahead and get that part of it fixed up. We got you over on the mill we're set up on an angle plate I've already centered the plate here using the key right there. I just leveled the key all right and then I found the center of this area right here and then we're halfway in between right there. So just get you caught up or dead nuts in the middle, and this is where we're going to drill it in Rima.

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